107. On the off chance that you cherish something let it go. On the off chance that it returns to you, it's yours. On the off chance that it doesn't, it never was, and it's not intended to be.

108. Genuine love can't be based on phony emotions.

109. The crap you catch wind of me may be valid, yet of course it could be as phony as that individual who let you know.

110. Try not to confound individuals who are dependably around with the ones who are dependably there.

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111. Cut off phony individuals for genuine reasons, not genuine individuals for phony reasons.

112. I know it's finished and it never truly started, however in my heart, it was so genuine.

113. Regard individuals who discover time for you in their bustling timetable. In any case, love individuals who never take a gander at their timetable when you require them.

114. The most ideal approach to manage counterfeit individuals is to be genuine with them.

115. How might I…

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81. Individuals are so phony.

82. One day you'll understand probably the best words could be the greatest falsehoods.

83. When you said you will be there for me, figure you implied just when times are great.

84. On the off chance that you know somebody is as of now taken, if it's not too much trouble regard their relationship. Try not to be the reason they wind up single.

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85. Counterfeit nails, counterfeit hair, counterfeit grin. Bitch are you certain you weren't made in China.

86. Dear, you're so phony.

87. Because I'm here for all of you the time doesn't mean you can underestimate me.

88. I was destined to commit errors, not to counterfeit flawlessness.

89. Life is brimming with phony individuals. Trust nobody.

90. Young ladies know how to counterfeit grins. Folks know how to counterfeit sentiments.

91. I'm beginning to think about whether you at any point truly minded.

92. Some of the time you have to flee just to see who wi…